Hisnul Muslim (Daily dua & azkar) v1.2.0

Alhamadulillah, Hisnul Muslim v1.2.0 is released (yesterday). Now, you can share du’a and azkar on Google+, Twitter and etc. Unfortunately, share on Facebook is not working due to the Facebook app handles the ‘Intent’ incorrectly. The bug has been around since Mac 2011, but still has not been fixed. Thus the only way to make the sharing works is to use the Facebook API.


Share in action

Besides the share feature, now the app can backup and restore bookmark list. The features can be accessed via the settings menu.

I have received a feedback regarding the size of the font (of arabic text) is too small. The initial plan, I would increased the font size. But then, I taught it would be better to leave to users to set the size of the font. Finally, now settings menu can be accessed from bookmark list and dua/zikr layouts. This update is part of the font size setting since users should be able to access settings anywhere in the app.


Font size setting