Hisnul Muslim (Daily dua & azkar) v1.1.0

Alhamdulillah, update for Hisnul Muslim is completed. The notable changes for this release is the bookmark feature. Users can bookmark any du’a or zikr by pressing the star button at the top right corner of the layout.


Bookmark in action

A short notification (toast) will pop-up indicating the du’a (by its number) is added into the bookmark list. The du’a layout also has been updated with du’a topic number at the top (action bar), while the du’a number is indicated at the bottom of the display, within the bracket.

The layout for bookmark list can be viewed by pressing the bookmark button at the top right corner of the home display. The bookmark list shows the du’a topic along with the du’a’s number.


Bookmark list

A bookmark can be deleted by long pressing a list item, in which a context menu with delete option will be displayed.

Users also have the option to delete all bookmarks. Delete all can be performed by pressing menu key and select Delete all.

Update includes:

  • fix the du’a/zikr list goes to the top when return from du’a/zikr display
  • fix translations
  • fix layouts