Hisnul Muslim FAQ

What is Hisnul Muslim?
Hisnul Muslim means Fortification of believers (muslims). Hisnul Muslim is a booklet authored by Sheikh Sa’id Ibn Wahf Al-Qahtaani that consists many authentic daily Du’as (supplications) and Azkar (remembrances) for Muslims. I quote Sheikh Sa’id Ibn Wahf Al-Qahtaani describing his work.

“This book is an abridgment of my earlier work entitled, Adh-Dhikr wad-Du’a wal-‘llaj bir-Ruqyah mina’-Kitab was-Sunnah. In order to make it small and easily portable, I have chosen only the section on words of remembrance for this abridgment. To achieve this, I only mentioned the text of the words of remembrance instead of the entire Hadith. I also limited myself to mentioning only one or two references from the original book for each Hadith. Whoever would like to know about the Companion who related a particular Hadith, or more information about where it is recorded, should refer to the original work (mentioned above). I ask Allah the Glorious, the Mighty, by His beautiful Names and by His sublime Attributes to accept this as having been done sincerely for His sake alone. I ask Him to bring me its benefits during my lifetime and after my death. May those who read it, those who print it, or have had any role in distributing it, benefit from it also. Surely He, glory be unto Him, is Capable of all things. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet, Muhammad, and upon his family and Companions and whoever follows them in piety until the Day of Judgment.”

— Sheikh Sa’id Ibn Wahf Al-Qahtaani, 1409

Hisnul Muslim crashed after app’s update?
Most probably due to the database was not upgraded during the update. To fix it, backup the bookmark (if available), clear app’s data and then restore the bookmark. The app will create a new database. To clear app’s data:
Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications -> Hisnul Muslim -> Click ‘Clear data’ button

Does the app includes all Dua and Zikr in Hisnul Muslim?
Yes it includes all Dua and Zikr according to the book that I referred. In total there are 132 topics and 267 Dua and Zikr.

Sharing Dua or Zikr on Facebook is not working?
Share on Facebook is not working due to the Facebook app handles the ‘Intent’ incorrectly. The bug has been around since Mac 2011, but still has not been fixed by Facebook. The bug has nothing to do with Android nor Hisnul Muslim app. The only way to make the sharing works is to use the Facebook API. But at the moment, I don’t have any plan to integrate it. More links describe the problem when sharing on Facebook.
Android and Facebook share intent
Android share intent for facebook- share text AND link

Some of the Dua don’t have audio?
I don’t own the audio. They were given to me by an acquaintance and I just separated them. All that I have are uploaded and can be downloaded.

How to download all the audio files at once instead one by one?
Yes, you can download them via following links. Then, unzip the files to the sdcard, in directory /mnt/sdcard/HisnulMuslim/Audio. Credit to Abu Sa’ad Bhuiya for sharing the files.

Bookmark is gone after update?
This is happen due to the database update. Backup bookmark before app’s update. Then restore the bookmark.