Contribute in Zikr Translations

I have received numerous positive feedbacks regarding Hisnul Muslim app. Praise to Allah swt because with His bounty I had the opportunity to develop Hisnul Muslim for Android and a lot of people found it useful. Its been (almost) 3 months since it was published in Google Play Store, almost 20000 users had downloaded it. I hope that the number of downloads keeps on increasing in the future insyaAllah.

Recently I received a lot of requests to add new translations to Hisnul Muslim app. Obviously I would love to support more languages (translations) because more people would benefit from the app. But, due to a lot of reasons I can’t add them by myself – daily work, family responsibilities, lack of references and etc. Thus, I would welcome any contribution from users, not yet users and non-users of Hisnul Muslim app to add translations of zikr titles and texts by referring to their Hisnul Muslim books. Once a set of translations complete, I will add them to the app.

I have shared two (2) spreadsheet files from my Google Drive: Zikr Title and Zikr Text. Anyone can access and edit them. I have done the English translation column for your reference. Each title and text are numbered according to Hisnul Muslim booklet. So please follow the numbering in the files. If you would like to add a new language, simply add/create a column to the right and add the language title at the header.

Links to the files
1. Zikr Title Translation
2. Zikr Text Translation

Jazakallahu khaira kathira.

p.s.: Sorry, at the moment I’m not able to accept any translation contribution due to personal commitment.